Group Tours - Exclusive 2021 | Altstadtbrauhaus "Zum Stadtkrug"

Group Tours - Exclusive 2021

Exclusive - Group-Offering 2021

The minimum number of participants for this offering are 25 guests and an advanced booking is required. The offering is valid from 01. January 2021. All other offerings are not valid any longer. We reserve the right of modifications according to our range of products. Our prices are subject to alteration.

Please take note of our standard and premium group-offering. You haven’t found anything suitable? No problem – we also offer individual dishes. Just choose from our menu and we will serve the dishes as pre-ordered.

Starter € 3,50 per person
EV 11 Tomato soup with pesto
EV 12 Clear chicken broth, fresh root vegetables and meat inlay
EV 13 Crunchy leaf salad dressed with orange vinaigrette

Exclusive main course € 13,50 per person
EH 11 Brauhaus Gold Chicken Pan tender fillet of maize chicken with lots of fresh vegetables and potatoes from the wok, on top pesto dip
EH 12 Typically north German: Mecklenburg pan-fried fish fillet of cod, grainy mustard sauce, fried potatoes, crème fraiche, lemon juice
EH 13 Brauhaus pork knuckle with hearty beer sauce, parsley potatoes, colorful cabbage
EH 14 Home on the plate: Hubertus schnitzel with wild mushrooms and forest mushrooms in cream sauce, brewhouse fries and salad garnish
EH 15 Mecklenburger bull Mozzarella, tomato melt, crunchy grilled vegetables, mini bread rolls

Dessert € 2,70 per person
ED 11 Vanilla ice-cream with red berry compote and whipped cream

Dessert € 3,50 per person
ED 12 Amaretto morello cherries & vanilla panna cotta in the glas
ED 13 Iced mascarpone with a mini fruit salad in the glas

Our Service
Pro 25 people The tour representative/coach driver will receive one meal and one beverage free of charge Please only select main courses from one price category