A knights’ banquet

Ritterschmaus im Altstadtbrauhaus Schwerin

A knights’ banquet in Zum Stadtkrug in Schwerin

Those were the times, when the nobility sat around their tables noisily eating with their fyngers and a dagger! Would ye care to take part in such a feste? Allow yourselves to be carried away to the secret world of the old robber barons where ye will be heartily welcomed by the knight captain with his mayds and knaves to a meal in Zum Stadtkrug in Schwerin.

The noble lords and the gracious and fayr noblewomen will be proffered a sumptuous feste with copious amounts of brew and the knight captain will personally provide amusing disport with his tomfoolery.

Of one thing will ye be sure: this olde fashioned knights’ banquet will be very merry!


The knights’ feste bigynneth with a welcome from the knight captain. Thereupon, it is essential to heed your courtesies and table manners. Good table manners means ye must wash your hands and bless your meal. So that ye do not besmear your noble kirtles and tunics with morsels, a mayd will tie a bib around your neck. A food taster will also be chosen to protect all the knights. A jester will delight ye with all kinds of merry tomfoolery throughout the feste.

Ye should eat until your stomach ails ye so that ye do not fall prey to punishment with the stocks!

Food and drink

(Prepared over days of drudgery by our kitchen cooke and his miserable scullions)

Order of the dyshes
For the welcome a cup of Germanic knight’s mead

• Brede from the wood oven topp’d with lard with cracklings
• Delicacies from the feld in a herb’d broth (potato or vegetable soup)
• Roasted pig with crackling and herbs from the oven
• Pig knuckles from domesticated sows
• Cuts of farmer’s duck with red cabbage
• Pan-fryed aged sausages
• Whole trout from the grill
• The mayds and knaves will also serve root vegetables, feld greens, potato mash and oven-baked potatoes with herb’d sour cream

To finish there is fresh fruit and berry compote with ice cream and vanilla sauce

All things shillings and pence

This pleasure will be offered to fellowships and guilds of 30 or more knights and gentilwomen.

The tab is €39.00 for each knight or gentilwoman and includes the jester’s program, knights’ feast, the dagger to take home as a souvenir, spring water, the first swig of knight’s mead to warm up and a digestive for each knight and gentilwoman after the meal and beer, as much as the gentilfolk can enjoy (30 litres of our Zuariner Altstadtbräu)

* €29.00 without the jester’s program * If there are fewer or a great deal more than 30 knights, we will haggle over pennies.
Other drinks excluded